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Launchpad is a platform that allows you to do monitored testing and distribution of your mobile applications.
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How does it work?

Developing mobile applications comes with unique challenges.

No way to track devices of testers?
No way to remotely disable builds?
No way to protect your test build from being released on the internet?

NO more!


Launchpad takes away all of your issues related to mobile testing.

We solve your problems in 3 simple steps.

Upload your application to Launchpad
Create distribution licenses for your newly created application.

You can limit the number of unique installations for each license.

This way, you can control who and how many times someone can install your application.
Share your unique download page URLs with the world through email, Twitter or Facebook.

Sit back while we collect important analytical data about devices such as operating system, phone model, screen resolution and processor speed.

This information will be available through the Dashboard.

Currently supporting

Android™ applications Android
While in beta, we are focusing on Android.

We are planning to add additional platforms in the future.